Terms and Conditions

  1. Returns, refunds and cancellation:

    1. As our products are custom-made, we do not accept returns/refunds under any circumstances.
    2. Returns are only accepted if the figure is broken on arrival (please send us a mail along with a picture of the broken figure within 2 days from the date of receipt). You are requested to mail the figure back to us (we will refund shipping charges) and we will be happy to send you a new one.
    3. Order cancellation fees of Rs. 2500 or 15%, whichever is higher, is applicable if you want to cancel the order before production starts. However, please note that we will not be able to cancel the order once production has started.

  2. Resemblance:

    1. We do not use software matching for face resemblance matching and the customers' approval confirmation is considered final.
    2. For orders that are lesser than 5 inches, we guarantee a minimum of 50% resemblance. For orders that are over 5 inches in size, we promise a minimum of 70% resemblance.
    3. We will try to recreate as much of the clothing, posture as we can but do not guarantee exact replication.

  3. Approvals and modifications:

    1. Only the head sculpt comparison will be sent for approval. The body and hair will be made as using our expert judgment.
    2. Once the 3D rendered image is confirmed, it cannot be changed. If there are any specific changes from the base requirements they will be charged extra and the delivery date will change according to the complexity of the change requested.
    3. A maximum of two rounds of revisions will be made with the head sculpt. If the customer still requires corrections beyond this, the delivery date will change accordingly.

  4. Figures usually look better in person than in pictures! Don't be alarmed if you think the 3D rendered image doesn't look like you.

  5. We are artists and the nature of our work means that we reserve the right to deny any order or to cancel an accepted order with/without refund any time before the delivery date due to practical issues that might arise during the production process.
    We are not responsible for inconveniences incurred due to cancellation or delays. We are not liable to pay any compensation on cancelled orders.
    Your discretion is advised before placing the order. In adverse cases of any claims on damages caused, the maximum amount of charges that can be claimed is less than or equal to the charges/ payment made by the customer for the product.

  6. By using our website and service, you agree to the courts in Chennai, India which have exclusive jurisdiction in all matters arising out of or related to this agreement or the use of this website.

  7. By placing an order with us through the website www.my3d.in, or through our payment links, by clicking you agree to the above mentioned terms and conditions.