Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What materials are the figures printed in?
  2. The figures are made of sand stone.

  3. What file format do you need the pictures in?
  4. Please send us your pictures in Jpeg format.

  5. What resolution do you need the pictures in?
  6. The higher resolution, the better! We recommend 300 + resolution with clear view of facial features. If you want to check on what your picture's resolution is, please go to the properties and have a look.

  7. Why do I have to upload 3 different pictures?
  8. We want to do our best to get a high degree of resemblance between your picture and the figure. Forward facing pictures along with left and right side profile and earlobes will help us to understand the facial shape and get the resemblance as close as possible. We aim for 70% resemblance.

  9. How does the ordering process work?
    • Orders can be placed directly on our website.
    • You can create an account, sign in with an existing account or be a guest user.
    • You will have to then upload 3 pictures. You can add comments/messages to us about any small corrections that you require (skin tone correction, change of colour of clothing, etc). We are happy to make specific edits/additions/deletions from your pictures at an additional cost.
    • You can then proceed to the check out and make the payment. Payment is done through our payment gateway partner HDFC Bank using debit/credit cards or netbanking.
    • We then start production and send you a 3D rendered image of what your figure will look like in 36 hours. Upon your approval, it will be printed, packed and shipped.
  10. Can you edit my pictures?
  11. We can make minor corrections to your pictures. If you send us 3 different pictures with different poses and clothing, you can tell us which one(s) you want us to use by typing out a message to us in the message box. You can even tell us if you want skin tone corrections. Bigger changes like a different pose, clothing or accessories that are not in your pictures will be charged additionally. This is because our designers will have to work hard to make your changes look awesome and realistic! These charges will be communicated to you when we send you the 3D rendered image.

  12. How long does it take to print 1 figure?
  13. It takes 7 days after we get your approval of the 3D rendered image.

  14. What are the shipping charges?
  15. Shipment within India is Rs. 300. For other countries, you will be charged an additional Rs. 3,000.

  16. How long will it take for delivery?
  17. Delivery time is 1 week and maybe subject to changes from time to time based on the volume of orders in our production queue. Still got questions or want to give us feedback? Please write to our 24/7 customer support team at We will be happy to help! I have a business idea or want to become a dealer. Great! If you have an idea or proposal that you would like to share with us or if you would like to be associated with us, contact us at