IMG-BLOG 05/02/2019

7 things to keep in mind while proposing

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Valentine's Day is nearing and you must be in a fix on how to propose your partner. Don't worry, this blog gives you six things to remember while proposing. This will help you get through the day and plan a great surprise for him/her.[...]

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IMG-BLOG 21/01/2019

Best Practices for the year 2019

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New year is right around the corner and what is new year famous for? You guessed it right! Resolution is what is famous for new year. Every year we take up resolutions but how many of us actually follow them. [...]

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IMG-BLOG 29/12/2018

Know how 3D replica dolls are made up of

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3D replica dolls, which is an exact output of human or any object. Making 3D portraits will help you to gift new item to your loved ones or saving your special moments lifelong. 3D dolls are printed in with ceramic materials, which is print with colors.[...]

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IMG-BLOG 18/12/2018

3D portrait printing services in Chennai | iKix My3D

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Make your loved one's replica dolls with 3d printed portraits. Try 3D models of your or your loved ones for unique gifting. These are print with sandstone materials. [...]

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IMG-BLOG 08/10/2018

Collect 3D figures of yours and your friends at iKix My3D


A 3D printed statue of your loved ones will help you to surprise them. Most of the people having confusion about selecting perfect gifts for your friend's birthdays and other occasions, There's no need to worry about it anymore.[...]

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IMG-BLOG 18/09/2018


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Top 10 Personalized diwali Gifts 2018! Crackers is getting ready for diwali with the Gifts , We know deciding upon a thoughtful gift for a loved one is a difficult thing to do, especially with our busy schedules. So, don?t worry! We have come up with list of 10 Best Diwali Gifts of 2018 for you!! After all, monsoon is Coming![...]

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