7 things to keep in mind while proposing

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Valentine's Day is nearing and you must be in a fix on how to propose your partner. Don't worry, this blog gives you six things to remember while proposing. This will help you get through the day and plan a great surprise for him/her.

Know your Partner


You've got so many ideas for the Valentine's Day? That is great! Think about all those ideas and then think of your partner. Will it surprise them in a good way? Yes? Go ahead and do your thing. No? Stop your planning right away and change your plan. For instance, proposing an introverted person in a public place would throw them off in a bad. You might want to do it in a private place. So it is important that you create a plan considering what your partner will like.

Keep it Simple


It is always best to keep the proposal simple but remember to make it memorable. Planning grand things and trying to impress your partner sounds great. But, don't forget the little details that will make the whole proposal meaningful. Little things make a huge difference and makes your partner feel special.

Be Thoughtful


This is where knowing your partner well comes in. The better you know your partner, better you'll know their likes and dislikes. You need to come up with thoughtful ideas that will make him/her cry with happiness and go wow with your proposal. Plan your proposal with the things they love. You could have a theme of something you know they will get excited about.

Take them through the memory lane


If you've been knowing each other for a longer time, you both would have made a lot of memories. You must have gone to various places, clicked pictures and been there for each other through out. Try to dig those memories. Take them to the places you have visited before. Make a collage or something personalized with the photos you have.

Have a Proposal Gift Ready


Once you've decided you are proposing, make sure to buy a gift ready for the proposal. A personalized gift would be a nice gift for any kind of proposal. 3D couple miniature which is the exact replica of you both sounds like the perfect proposal gift.

Don't Overthink

Proposing your partner, even when you know it's going to be a yes, can still make you feel nervous. You might want every single thing to be perfect. While planning so much, you may not realize that you are putting too much of thinking into this. You might end up spoiling thing that are perfect the way it already is. Know when to stop and don't kill your being by thinking too much.

Give them time

While you've planned this much, it's understandable you expect them to react. But don't panic or force them if they don't react the way you want them to. Give them space and time to process the things you've done and let them come around by themselves.

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