Know how 3D replica dolls are made up of

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3D replica dolls, which is an exact output of human or any object. Making 3D portraits will help you to gift new item to your loved ones or saving your special moments lifelong. 3D dolls are printed in with ceramic materials, which is print with colors.

3d printed sports figurines

It is a very attractive and reliable product as compared to normal 2D miniatures. If you are searching for the best gift to anyone, you can gift this 3D figurine of your loved ones with 95% accuracy. You can get with any type of property to be print, iKix My3D will print with extra property also.

3D portraits for business promotions

Yes, 3D portraits can be used for business promotions also. It will boost your company brand value. Most of the business people use some old fashion gifts to promote, which is very costly. Try new 3D printed portraits to boost up the brand value, as a result of low cost & might be afforded.

3D corporate gifts

3D human replica dolls for personal use

Saving best moments in picture and phone, its old one. Now you can save your best moments in life for long last by printing 3D replica dolls of yours and your loved ones.

The printing process of a 3D doll:

To print 3D replica dolls the process starts from sculpting an object, Sculpting is done by the 3D model designers or 3D object scanners. Most of the 3d models are using Zbrush tool to sculpting an object. After sculpting, it will go to the printing process and it will print with sandstone.

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