Collect 3D figures of yours and your friends at iKix My3D

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A 3D printed statue of your loved ones will help you to surprise them. Most of the people having confusion about selecting perfect gifts for your friend's birthdays and other occasions, There's no need to worry about it anymore. Gift your friends with a 3D printed selfie of them.

3D figures take a change in gifts history. Because of 3D printing technology is newly launched, and it has become a game changer in the 2D industry. To get 3D printed statue form iKix My3D Prints, there├ó┬?┬?s no need of body scan and other reports. The 3D printed selfie printing process will be as given below.

# Send us 3 pictures.

# Let us work us the magic.

# We send a final 3D image of your pictures.

# Upon your approval, we print and ship it to you.

# Hold your 3D selfie, share it with family and friends, and post it on Facebook and Instagram!

# Learn more at

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